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Background Verification

Background Verification

Background Verification

A lot of organizations often make mistakes with their recruitment and screening process as most of them end up hiring the wrong person. Individuals too are prone to making error of judgment while searching for the right match for matrimony or partnership purposes. This clearly shows how finding the right person is never easy whether for a job, marriage or business alliance.

Since we have the largest team of detectives in the country coupled with two decades of industry experience, we can conduct extensive verification for employment, matrimony, business partnership and other purposes.

You can trust us for different types of verification such as pre-employment background check, post employment background check, pre-matrimonial background check, post-matrimonial background check or background checks on debtors, creditors, vendors, suppliers, customers, business partners.

Types of Background Check Services
Pre-employment Background Check

We’re a reliable company for pre-employment background check with focus on detailed verification on the candidate in consideration. Our team has a great expertise at elaborate checks on middle and senior management level employees to minimize potential risks for organizations.

Right from investigating the backgrounds of potential employees to verifying the accuracy of their professional or personal claims to discovering any possible criminal record,

employer sanction, disciplinary acts, you can hire to verify virtually every aspect that matters with the employee.

We can help you verify many aspects about the employee you want to hire, including –

Verification into the actual reasons for the applicant’s leaving of previous job or the information on the circumstances behind the cause of their exit from the organization
A detailed break-up of their last drawn salary including bonuses, performance incentives and other monetary and non-monetary rewards and certificates
Verification on the medical history of the applicant with information on any existing psychiatry disorder or illness he/she is hiding
Any temperament issue with the applicant with records of internal strife or fights with colleagues over any matter
Proof of vices and bad habits such as drinking or smoking or drugs, or gambling
Any criminal cases, or any defaulter status of their, or any individual default
Investigation into their social reputation, their family composition with focus on whether there is any family dispute or issue behind their substandard job performance
Information on the applicant’s competency level in previous job, their record in working with the team and their handling of timelines and deadlines in meeting targets
Authentication of their integrity level and their professionalism in different aspects of the job
Proofs of any criminal record against the applicant’s including any cases of fraud, misconduct, theft etc. against them
Their relationships with subordinates and their comfort level with the superiors in the organization
Complete information on their education background, their highest qualifications, their university and the marks
Character verification with information on womanizing or relationships with male
Any sex offence in the workplace, or any allegations of sexual misconduct within the organization.

Post-employment Background Check

Our post-employment background check is meant to help organizations verify various aspects of their existing employees and understand whether they can be a value or liability in the long run. Our extensive post-employment verification on your top people can help dig out information on their on-job behavior, ethics, competency level, professionalism, conduct, handling of projects, team spirit etc. to keep them accountable for your organization.

We can do check many things with post-employment verification services –

Verification into employee cheating cases of various nature including passing on information to competitors, misappropriation of funds, running a parallel business or employment, bribery, theft & pilferage of material, procurement fraud or any other dishonest practices while on the job
Sly check on the conduct, behavior, integrity and ethics of employees to foster a safe environment
Deep insights into your employees with the view to minimize any potential risk to the business and protect your brand
Social media monitoring to check whether your people are representing your business in the best manner possible
Checks on the competency level, professionalism, work ethics of your management people

Pre-matrimonial Background Check

We’re a leading detective agency for pre matrimonial background check as our in-depth and evidence-based investigation can help clients find the right match for marriage purposes. Our pre-marital check service can help verify everything about the prospective bride or groom and based on the evidence/information we provide, you can take the right decision regarding the impeding nuptial. Our team can run such checks to dig out information about the job (type of job, industry, salary, and designation), education qualification, medical history, and disability if any, affairs, virtues & vices including drinking, smoking, debt, habits, finances and so on. Apart from conduction background check on the would-be groom or bride, our premarital background check can also verify family’s social reputation, social standing etc.
Post-matrimonial Background Check

We have years of experience in post-matrimonial investigation as our divorce detective can do background check on different aspects to help couples in their separation cases. You can hire our services for an exhaustive verification into character / extramarital affairs, gainful employment evidence of spouse, financial background check on spouses, bigamy / polygamy evidence, child custody issues. Apart from that, we can also do background checks on spouses and all family members. Right from collecting evidence in alimony cases or for proof on infidelity, collecting proof of income, assets, property etc to check whether the spouse has another marriage or another offspring from the second marriage, to check the capability of the spouse to have child custody, we can help in all of these post-matrimonial verification cases.
Background Checks on Vendors / Suppliers

Our team has done background checks on vendors/suppliers for a lot of companies from across industries and delivered great results. Whether information on the quality of raw materials to timely delivery of raw materials, whether your advance is safe with the vendor or whether your supplier is involved in fraud or cheating of any nature, you can trust us and achieve desired evidence and information on the vendor.
Background Checks on Business Partners

We are a reliable detective agency for running background checks on any type of business partners to ensure fruitful alliance to you. Our team can investigate various things about your business partners including their financial standing, defaults, credit worthiness, loyalty & integrity, criminal record, family history, assets information, education information, vices like smoking, drinking, their characters, their default status etc. Based on the evidence and information we gather, you can take right decisions on your next move with business partnership.

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