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Debugging & Sweeping

Debugging & Sweeping

Debugging & Sweeping

Debugging is the process of analyzing and searching for software and hardware packages to detect bugs or hidden cameras, to ensure the electronics of the place work and perform well and appropriately. It is a search and neutralization process for electronic transmitters.

Bugs come in all shape and sizes and can be planted anywhere as to your furniture, walls, electronic communication devices, including landline and mobile phones, computers and more.

Debugging is another term for Bug Sweeps, and is a specific task involved in Surveillance Detection under the Technical Surveillance Countermeasures practices. They can also come in the form of GPS trackers which may be planted to your vehicles, clothing, etc. Such bugs if not detected timely can be devastating; the global competition for the dearth of resources has led serious and illicit competition among people and businesses.

Debugging –or Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TCM), it is the term given to define the process of sweeping out of electronic devices as-

  • Room transmitters
  • Video and audio transmitters
  • Vehicle Trackers
  • Hidden cameras
  • Radio frequency device
  • GSM Bugs (Global System for mobile communication standard)
  • Telephonic bugs

In specific industries, the threat of being under hidden surveillance is higher than the other as the higher the profile higher the risk of espionage on you and your company. More access you have to valuable information and celebrated personalities, the more you are on the verge of being watched. To plant bugs is not necessarily a task to be done by an expert but even an amateur can do it with the same expertise, but detect them is undoubtedly a matter of expertise. One has to be an expert, must have a set of skills and ate proper equipment to discover these. At IDS, we use the latest technology to detect even some of the most advanced and profound bugs, and other such devices.

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