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Sia Detective Agency is a certified organization by the Government of India. Sia Dective agency is the premier source of investigative service and run by experts and professionals.

We are focus in many services like matrimonial verification, Divorce and litigation support, Love affair verification, robbery investigation, murder cases and missing persons, Corporate and legal matters etc..

Backbone is required for human body to stand straight without which anybody can have the balance of the complete body. Similarly, Surveillance is the backbone of Investigation. The complete body/structure is based on surveillance. Whether it is personal case or the corporate case without surveillance the case is incomplete

Our expert investigators follow the person to track all his/her daily activities.

1. what the person is doing in entire day,
2. where he/she is going,
3. Whom they are meeting etc.

We take photographs and videos for the same as well. To capture the details our team uses the best technology in the industry. We use world class Hi-Definition and the latest equipments which includes video camcorders, and Hi- Speed digital SLR cameras, to capture the pictures and videos of the subject.

We give our services in Pan India in all big and small cities. The service is exclusively customized as per the customer’s need. At a very cost effective price we provide this service at 24*7 even on holidays and weekends.

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